Road Patch SystemsRoad Patch Systems
Instant Repair System.
Cost Effective.
Water Proof.
Cut to Size.
Open to Immediate Traffic.
No Heavy Machinery Required.
Various Size Stone

Colour ResurfacingColour Resurfacing
Large Range of Colours.
Preserves Existing Pavements.
Applied to Asphalt, Concrete
and Timber.
Rubber Soft Tread Available.
Instant Visual Appeal.
Adds value.
Water Based Products.
Cold Mix AsphaltCold Mix Asphalt
Permanent Repairs System.
No Waste.
Open to Immediate Traffic.
Easy to Apply.
Works in Water.
Bond to Asphalt, Steel,
Concrete and Timber.
No Tack Coat Required.

Fuel ResistanceFuel Resistance
Resistant to Most Fuels.
As Used at Avalon Airport.
Easy to Apply.
Dramatically Reduces
Long Life.
Preserves and Enhances
Existing Surfaces.
CracksealingCrack Sealing
Rubberised Bitumen.
Cold Applied.
Water proof.
Easy to Apply.
No Heating Required.
Environmentally Friendly.

High Pressure WashingHigh Pressure Washing
3000 psi to 8500 psi.
Suitable for all High Pressure
Washing Requirements.
Large and Small Areas.
Carparks, Walkways, Shop
Fronts, Cafes, Pergolas, Decking,
Residential and Commercial.

Asphalt and concrete rejuvenation is state of the art technology. Using high grade materials, resurfacing existing pavements restores the surface to a smooth, water resistant area .Non-slip grit and rubberised resurfacer is available in many colours. Team colours are very popular. These treatments are  a cost effective resurfacing solution.

Cracks will dramatically reduce the life of the pavement by allowing moisture into the base material and creating soft areas. Cracks lead to potholes, which leads to major repairs or replacement. Sealing cracks when first noticed will achieve the best results and limit any base damage.